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"Started in a garage" would fit the bill as this story's title.

Steve Crann and Jason Madison met at church, discovered a shared love of craft beer and home brewing, and eventually agreed to join forces with the goal of opening their very own craft brewery. The organization was formed in late 2016, and most of 2017 was spent brewing pilot batches in Jason's garage for sharing at tasting festivals.


Meanwhile, the location for Fenders Brewing's production brewery and taproom were secured, and demolition and remodeling steamed forward. The chosen site is located right next to the well known Papa's Pizzeria, in the growing town of Polk City. Situated on the east edge of Saylorville lake, and near the Tournament Club of Iowa, Jester Park, and the Neal Smith and High Trestle bike trails, Polk City sees throngs of people each year seeking outdoor activities such as boating, biking, golf and disk golf, and horseback riding, just to name a few.

bike line.jpg


At Fenders Brewing, our motto is "Enjoy Your Ride."

To us it means more than just a nice trip out on your bicycle. It's about enjoying what you are doing while you are doing it. It's about experiencing life, or "The Ride", to its fullest.


It's our mission to add to your enjoyment of the ride. We want to add color, flavor, aroma, and body to the drink that is life. Our goal is to contribute positives to your ride. A cold, tasty adult beverage after a long RAGBRAI training ride? Of course! But also a comfy place to consume that beverage with fun conversation among friends, recounting the miles and experiences of past rides. And also a place to gather with family around a few delicious pizzas soon to be devoured with accompanying beers (and sodas for the kiddies!) Or maybe a bar to belly up to with some buddies to watch your team hopefully claim another victory.

These moments are our mission. Our pursuit. Our purpose.

Enjoy your ride.

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