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And because we like to entertain...

We here at Fenders Brewing have been working on our craft brewing skills to bring the perfect beers to our customers. But there are other skills we are working to perfect - such as entertainment.

These fun Fenders Films started back in 2018 when the owners (Jason and Steve and their wives) were having their regular monthly meeting and got off task talking about a particular holiday SNL skit. One of them had the great idea to recreate the skit to post on social media. They grabbed some ugly sweaters and with a little creativity, the first film was made. 

The next year of course, had to be bigger and better. And now it's become a yearly tradition for the Fenders' group and even the patrons love to get involved. 

Grab some popcorn, and your favorite Fenders Beer and enjoy! 
(These films are not yet rated.)

Friendship is Brewing (12/2021)
World's Best Glass of Beer (12/2020)
New Beer Coming to Town (12/2020)
Buddy's First Encounter (12/2020)
Crann's Chainsaw (12/2019)
Crann's Rant (12/2019)
Ho Ho Ho (12/2019)
Oh Fudge (12/2019)
Seasons Greetings (12/2018)
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